Connecting Broker Account

First, you need to create an API App with your broker. Follow the below steps to create an App


  1. Click on and login with your AliceBlue crendentials.
  2. Click on CREATE APP and type the below details:


  1. Click on the and login with your Fyers credentials.
  2. Click on Create App and put in below details:
    • Name of the App: Name of your choice
    • Redirect URL:
    • Description: Optional field
  3. Once you Create App. Go to dashboard and you’ll get the API details as shown below
    Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 11.51.53 AM
    Make sure the status is approved. Usually, it is approved by end of day.


  1. Click on Login / Kite Connect developer - Signup and create your developers account with Zerodha.

  2. Once you log in, click on My App and then Create App.

  3. Fill the appropriate details as shown below.

    Click on Create. This app would cost you Rs.2,000 for 30 days. You can add the funds on the Billing page either through auto-debit from Zerodha account or you can add through the payment gateway. If you choose to auto-debit using Zerodha account, please make sure to unsubscribe for the months you don’t need.

  4. Click on the App you created under the My Apps section. It would show the details of the app as shown below.

Update API at Inuvest Platform
Once you get the API details, log in to and click on Connect Broker under profile. Select your broker and put in the details as shown below.