RSI strategy Backtest

When i select rsi indicator for 14 period and give a condition lower than 22 … In next page the orders executed are as per rsi with a period of 22 and not for rsi 14 … It mistake the value 22 to be the length and executed trade in backtesting…

We are working on the chart display. Currently, it is work in progress.

But your orders are right. You can compare with your brokers chart.

march 2nd rsi didn’t go below 22
my strategy is on 5 mins candle and backtest period is Feb 27, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020 on SBIN

It has gone below 22 on 2 March around 3.

yes sorry i checked it on mt4 and you are right … but in trading view chart it showed as if it didnt touch

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